Welcome to our Confirmation Program 


Jesus invited his friends to come with him on new adventures that deepened their faith and understanding of who He was. Likewise, Saint Rose of Lima Parish invites our young people to continue their initiation into the community of believers by preparing for the sacrament of Confirmation.

Confirmation celebrates the presence of God’s special strength and the gifts of the Holy Spirit in each baptized person. Our youth will take time to build community with each other as they learn and grow in faith through prayer, catechetical sessions, Christian service opportunities, and a retreat experiences.

Our classes are every  Tuesday from 7:00pm-8:40 pm ( virtual )

If you have any questions regarding the program or get stuck trying to log-in to your confirmation Zoom Class I am available live through zoom every Tuesday from 7:00 pm to 8:45 pm.

zoom ID: 574 393 1979

Important Announcement: The last day of classes for the Confirmation Program 2021 will be Tuesday May 25th!

Please download the following Sponsor Form or pick up a form for your sponsor at our parish office from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday and have your sponsor fill it out completely and turn it back in for a phone interview with one of our priest.

Puede imprimir la Forma de Padrinos aquí o por favor pase a la oficina de lunes a viernes 9:00-5:00pm para obtener una forma para padrinos que deberá llenar y entregarla una vez más a nuestra oficina para ser contactado por uno de nuestros sacerdotes.


Haga click aquí:

Confirmation Sponsor Form

 Confirmation Ceremony 2021

Our Confirmation Sacrament Ceremony will be celebrated on Saturday June 12th, 2021 by Bishop Marc Trudeau at 5:00 pm. We will have a parent and sponsors meeting at the end of May. Please continue to visit our site.

La fecha para nuestra celebración del Sacramento de Confirmación del año 2021 será el dia Sábado 12 de Junio a las 5:00 pm por el obispo Marc Trudeu de la región de San Pedro. Tendremos una reunión para padres y padrinos para mas información a finales de Mayo.

(STUDENTS) Please make sure to have completed the  following:

  1.  Raffle tickets sold and turned in before April 25th, 2021
  2.  Live a spiritual Youth Retreat (May 2021)
  3.  Attend mass every Sunday (Virtual or in Person)
  4.  Sponsor Interview by one of our priests
  5.  Not have more than 3 absences


Our great annual raffle is here!! As part of the Confirmation Program requirements we ask that you support our parish by helping us sell 1 booklet of tickets for a wonderful 2021 Toyota Rav4. Our raffle will be on May 9th, just in time for mother’s day! Perfect gift!

If you have not received the tickets yet, please ask your confirmation teachers or email me at htorres@sroflima.org! Thank you for all your support!

Please return your ticket stubs in a sealed envelope with your name, teachers name and : CONFIRMATION PROGRAM in it and return it to our parish office or drop it off in our outside mailbox!




(January 2021-April 2021)

Calendar is subject to change/ El calendario de classes está sujeto a cambios

2021 New Class Calendar-Year 1

2021 New Class Calendar-Year 2


(YEAR 1)

Lesson 1

L1-pg1 L1-Pg2 L1-Pg3 L1- Pg 4 L1-Pg5 L1-pg.6 L1-Pg.7 L1-Pg8 L1-Pg9

SPANISH:                                                    L1-Pag.2 L1-Pag.4 L1-Pag1 L1-Pag3 L1-Pag5 L1-Pag6 L1-Pag7 L1-Pag8 L1-Pag9

Lesson 2 

L2-Pg.1 L2-Pg.2 L2-Pg.3 L2-Pg.4 L2-Pg5 L2-Pg6 L2-Pg7 L2-Pg8 L2-Pg9

Lesson 3 

L3-Pg1 (yr. 1)   L3-Pg2 (yr. 1)   L3-Pg3 (yr. 1)   L3-Pg4 (yr. 1)   L3-Pg5 (yr. 1)   L3-Pg6 (yr. 1)   L3-Pg7 (yr. 1)   L3-Pg8 (yr. 1)   L3-Pg9 (yr. 1)

Lesson 4 

L4.Pg1 yr1 L4.Pg3 yr1 L4.Pg2 yr1L4.Pg4 yr1 L4.Pg5 yr1 L4.Pg6 yr1L4.Pg7 yr1 L4.Pg8 yr1 L4.Pg9 yr1

Lesson 5 

L5.pg1(yr1) L5.pg2(yr1) L5.pg3(yr1) L5.pg4(yr1) L5.pg5(yr1) L5.pg6(yr1) L5.pg7(yr1) L5.pg8(yr1) L5.pg9(yr1)

Lesson 6 

L6.pg1(yr1) L6.pg2(yr1) L6.pg3(yr1) L6.pg4(yr1) L6.pg5(yr1) L6.pg6(yr1) L6.pg7(yr1) L6.pg8(yr1) L6.pg9(yr1)

Lesson 7 

Ls7.Pg1.Yr1 Ls7.Pg2.Yr1 Ls7.Pg3.Yr1 Ls7.Pg4.Yr1 Ls7.Pg5.Yr1 Ls7.Pg6.Yr1

Lesson 8

L8-PG1-Y1   L8-PG2-Y1   L8-PG3-Y1   L8-PG4-Y1   L8-PG5-Y1   L8-PG6-Y1

Lesson 9

L9-P1-Y1  L9-P2-Y1  L9-P3-Y1  L9-P4-Y1  L9-P5-Y1  L9-P6-Y1  L9-P7-Y1  L9-P8-Y1  L9-P9-Y1

Lesson 10

L10-P1-Y1  L10-P2-Y1  L10-P3-Y1  L10-P4-Y1  L10-P5-Y1  L10-P6-Y1  L10-P7-Y1  L10-P8-Y1  L10-P9-Y1

Lesson 11

L11-P1-Y1 L11-P2-Y1 L11-P3-Y1 L11-P4-Y1 L11-P5-Y1 L11-P6-Y1 L11-P7-Y1 L11-P8-Y1 L11-P9-Y1

Lesson 12 

L12-Pg1-Y1   L12-Pg2-Y1   L12-Pg3-Y1   L12-Pg4-Y1   L12-Pg5-Y1   L12-Pg6-Y1

Lesson 13 

Ch13.Pg1.Yr1 Ch13.Pg2.Yr1 Ch13.Pg3.Yr1 Ch13.Pg4.Yr1 Ch13.Pg5.Yr1 Ch13.Pg6.Yr1

Lesson 14 

Lesson 15

Lesson 15 – Page 1   Lesson 15- Page 2    Lesson 15- Page 3   Lesson 15- Page 4   Lesson 15- Page 5

Lesson 15- Page 6   Lesson 15- Page 7    Lesson 15- Page 8    Lesson 15- Page 9

 Lesson 16th   

L16-1   L16-2   L16-3   L16-4   l16-5   L16-6   L16-7   L16-8  L16-9

Lesson 17

L17-Page1   L17-Page2   L17-Page3   L17-Page4   L17-Page5   L17-Page6   L17-Page7

L17-Page8     L17-page9

Lesson 18

L18-Pg.1 L18-Pg.2 L18-Pg.3 L18-Pg.4 L18-Pg.5 L18-Pg.6 L18-Pg.7 L18-Pg.8

Lesson 19

L19-Pg1    L19-Pg2   L19-Pg3  L19-Pg4   L19-Pg5   L19-Pg6    L19-Pg7     L19-Pg8  L19-Pg9

Lesson 20

Ls.20-pg1 Ls.20-pg2 Ls.20-pg6 Ls.20-pg5 Ls.20-pg3 Ls.20-pg4

Lesson 21

Ls21-P1 Ls21-P2 Ls21-Pg3 Ls21-Pg4 Ls21-Pg5 Ls21-Pg6

Lesson 22

L22-Pg.1 L22-Pg.2 L22-Pg.3 L22-Pg.4 L22-Pg.5 L22-Pg.6

Lesson 23

L23-Pg1 L23-Pg2 L23-Pg3 L23-Pg4 L23-Pg5 L23-Pg6


(Year 2)

Lesson 1 (emailed)

Lesson 2 

Less2-Pag.1 Less2-Pag.2 Less2-Pag.3 Less2-Pag.4 Less2-Pag.5 Less2-Pag.6 Less2-Pag.7 Less2-Pag.8 Less2-Pag.9

Lesson 3 

L3-Page 1  L3-Page 2  L3-Page 3  L3-Page 4  L3-Page 5  L3-Page 6  L3-Page 7 L3-Page 8 L3-Page 9

Lesson 4 

Less4.Pg1 Less4.Pg2 Less4.Pg3 Less4.Pg4 Less4.Pg5 Less4.Pg6 Less4.Pg7 Less4.Pg8 Less4.Pg9

Lesson 5 

L5.Pg1 L5.Pg2 L5.Pg3 L5.Pg4 L5.Pg5 L5.Pg6 L5.Pg7 L5.Pg8 L5.Pg9

Lesson 6 

L6.Pg.1(Yr2) L6.Pg2(yr2) L6.Pg3(Yr2) L6.Pg4(Yr2) L6.Pg5(Yr2)L6.Pg7(Yr2)L6.Pg8(yr2)L6.Pg.9(Yr.2)

Lesson 7 

Ls7.Pg1.Yr2 Ls7.Pg2.Yr2 Ls7.Pg3.Yr2 Ls7.Pg4.Yr2 Ls7.Pg5.Yr2 Ls7.Pg6.Yr2

Lesson 8 

L8-P1-Y2    L8-P2-Y2    L8-P3-Y2    L8-P4-Y2    L8-P5-Y2    L8-P6-Y2

Lesson 9 

L9-P1-Y2 L9-P2-Y2 L9-P3-Y2 L9-P4-Y2 L9-P5-Y2 L9-P6-Y2

Lesson 10  

L10-P1-Y2 L10-P2-Y2 L10-P3-Y2 L10-P4-Y2 L10-P5-Y2 L10-P6-Y2

Lesson 11 

Ch11.Pg1.Yr2   Ch11.Pg2.Yr2     Ch11.Pg3.Yr2      Ch11.Pg4.Yr2     Ch11.Pg5.Yr2      Ch11.Pg6.Yr2

Lesson 12 

Lesson 13 

Lesson 13- Page 1 Lesson 13- Page 2 Lesson 13- Page 3 Lesson 13- Page 4

Lesson 13- page 5 Lesson 13- Page 6 Lesson 13- Page 7 Lesson 13- Page 8 Lesson 13- Page 9

Lesson 14th

L14-1   L14-2   L14-3   L14-4   L14-5   L14-6   L14-7   L14-8   L14-9

 Lesson 15

L15-Page1   L15-Page2   L15-Page3   L15-Page4    L15-Page5   L15-Page6

    L15-Page8     L15-Page9

Lesson 16

L16-Pg.1 L16-Pg.2 L16-Pg.3 L16-Pg.4 L16-Pg.5 L16-Pg.6 L16-Pg.7 L16-Pg.8 L16-Pg.9

Lesson 17

L17-Pg1    L17-Pg2     L17-Pg3     L17-Pg4    L17-Pg5     L17-Pg6     L17-Pg7     L17-Pg8

Lesson 18

L18-Pg1 L18-Pg6 L18-Pg5 L18-Pg4 L18-Pg3 L18-Pg2

Lesson 19

L19-Pg1 L19-Pg2 L19-Pg3 L19-Pg4 L19-Pg5 L19-Pg6

Lesson 20

L20-Pg1 L20-Pg2 L20-Pg3 L20-Pg4 L20-Pg5 L20-Pg6

Lesson 21

L21-Pg1 L21-Pg2 L21-Pg3 L21-Pg4 L21-Pg5 L21-Pg6


Parents are required to assist to 8 classes in total during the confirmation program. Parent classes are offered on the first Thursday of every month as well as the first Sunday of each month. Please click on the calendar below for more information:

Las clases de padres requeridas para el programa de confirmación son 8 en total. Usted tiene la opción de asistir ya sea los primeros jueves del més o los primeros domingos del més. Por favor haga click en el calendario para las fechas del 2021.


Adults-Formation-Class-First-Year-Spanish (1)

Questions about Thursdays classes please contact Monica Lopez at/ Para preguntas acerca de las clases para padres por favor comuniquese con

Monica Lopez al:  562 413 0489

Questions about how many classes you have completed or other requirements please contact our Religious Education Secretary M-W 10:00 am-1:00pm/ Si usted tiene preguntas acerca de cuantas clases a completado o algun otro requisito por favor comuniquese de L-M 10:00am-1:00pm con:

Karina Alvarez: 323 5602381

For more information please contact:

Heidi Torres @ (323) 560-2381

email: htorres@sroflima.org