1. Baptisms are celebrated every second and fourth Saturday of the month at 2:00 pm. (Exceptions are made in case of special liturgical celebrations)
  2. Upon registration, you must present the child’s Birth Certificate from the County.
  3. The registration donation is $ 60.00 (NOT REIMBURSABLE in case of cancellation.)
  4. Parents and Godparents will have to attend an INTERVIEW WITH A PRIEST AND COMPLETE PRE-BAPTISMAL CLASSES ONLINE
  5. A Baptism date will be given once all requirements have been met. Please do not plan your Baptism celebration until you have been given a date.



  1. If the Godparents are a couple or live with a spouse, they must be married by Church. Together with the parents, they must attend the Pre-Baptismal classes.
  2. If the Godparents live far away, proof that they have received their Baptismal preparation from their local parish must be presented upon registering the child.
  3. If the Godparents are single (they don’t live with a partner or are civilly married) they must have received their Baptism, First Communion, and Confirmation Sacraments.
  4. The day of the ceremony, we ask parents and Godparents to please dress appropriately for Church, as it is a sacred place.


For more information: (323) 560-2381

If you have any questions or want to schedule a interview with a priest call the Parish Office.