Liturgy Ministries

“Love God, serve God; everything is in that”
St. Clare of Assisi

Coordinator(s): Maria Ulloa

To proclaim the Word of God in the Liturgy (mass). All who are prepared, has desire, and has taken a course of lectors can participate in this ministry.

Coordinator(s): Nohemi Flores & Silvia Gutierrez

To take Jesus Eucharist, to all who desire him and are prepared to receive him. Any person who has taken the required course and has desire to serve may participate.

Director: Efrain Andrade

To evangelize and reach the minds and heart of the people through our service encouraging the members to think out of the box, to become cantors and ministers in their own right, to enhance the celebration of the mass, and to make it more meaningful. Anyone who has commitment to serve and dedication to work can participate.

6:30am – Gerardo Medina

8:30am – Shirley Posadas (English Choir)

10:30am – Efrain Andrade

12:30pm – Jesus Tabares

5:00pm –

7:00pm – Neo Serrato

Coordinator(s): Rosario Gamino

To collaborate in receiving everyone who comes to celebrate the Mass and serve the Lord in anything necessary during the Mass. All persons who wish to serve the Lord and get to know him though service may participate.

Coordinator(s): Maria Luisa Jimenez