Kairos in Denver


Congratulations to all of the newly baptized and confirmed men, women, and children and all who received the Lord’s Body and Blood for the first time! May the Lord continue to bless you and strengthen you as you grow in faith through the blessed sacraments.

Felicidades a todas las mujeres, hombres, y niños que fueron bautizados y confirmados y a todos los que recibieron por primera vez el Cuerpo y la Sangre de Cristo. Que el Señor los siga bendiciendo y fortaleciendo en este crecimiento de fe a traves de los sacramentos.

Choir of 8:30 am Mass

Our choir of 8:30am mass is always hard our work. As the only English choir serving in our community, they always have their work cut out. See how they praise The Lord below…


Praising God

830 mass 830

Kairos in Oakland

Kairos Campistas Oakland Kairos Heroes Oakland


Religious Education for children and youth: Catechism and Confirmation

Catechism Program for children begins September 13:
10:00 am for first year students
12:00 pm for second year students

Confirmation program for teens:
September 16 for first year students
September 9 for second year students

Religious education for adults: RCIA

Every Friday: 7:00 – 9:00 pm (bilingual)

More information coming soon!

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